Listen 4 Life Assesses your listening Potential and Helps Improve Performance

To know your listening potential, you need to take an auditory perception test that gives insight into your communication, sensory-motor, and creative as well as emotional performance. We at Listen 4 Life offer listening assessment of all those who have certain hearing problems including ear infection symptoms, chronic diseases, behavioral and social problems; listening difficulty, low self-esteem, low attention; etc. If you have a speech problem, poor handwriting, reading or writing difficulty, or anxiety, you can approach us. We help children and adults overcome their listening problems and help them explore their potential to the maximum level.

Your listening performance helps us know about your capacity to learn, socialize, and successfully achieve your goals. Using results of the assessment, we design a suitable program for you so that we can normalize the way you can process sound and explore your hidden potential. Whether your performance is poor due to ear infection symptoms or due to your emotional responses, we help you learn more effectively and lead a normal life.

To identify the real causes of learning and performance deficits, we offer a more than 90 minutes test, which helps us assess the listening abilities of the client. For children below 5 years, this test takes only half an hour. Our listening assessment includes processing speed, auditory perception and memory tests, and Otoacoustic emissions test. These tests help us know how you integrate received sounds with other sensory information.

Harry Armytage is an experienced listening therapist and wellness consultant who works with the clients to assess their potential and improve their learning. Using right assessment and analysis, he identifies the most suitable program to help clients dissolve their sensory-emotional roadblocks such as ear infection symptoms. Harry has helped more than 200 clients until now in last 10 years. He helps clients gain confidence and cope with their daily life. He works on clients to improve their literacy, learning ability, concentration, and attention. They clients are able to communicate in a better way after following the programs and grow out to be socially and emotionally mature. They easily make and retain friends. To book an assessment, please visit


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